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Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions on the:

 Marlow Flood Defence Scheme

Q. Is the multi-million pound Environment Agency flood defence project going ahead?

A. Yes. We understand that funding is being made available and that the project has the “go ahead”.


Q. What does this particular flood defence scheme involve?

AThe proposed scheme of flood defences can be divided into three areas: Gossmore Lane/Firview Close, Pound Lane and Lower Pound Lane involving the construction of flood walls, flood bunds, earthworks for flood plain compensation and groundwater pumping wells.


Q.Has planning permission been granted?

A.Yes. Permission has been granted subject to conditions being met.

Details of the planning application can be found on the Wycombe District Website:


Q. When will the flood alleviation work begin?

A. Planning is underway and the Environment Agency is currently focused on starting the project involving raising the road level at the North-East end of Gossmore Lane adjacent to the A404 bridge and railway.


Q. Are you expecting work on Pound Lane and lower Pound Lane to start soon?

ANo. We don’t expect major works on site to start before spring 2016. The project needs to be finalised and agreed on paper first.


Q. Will anything happen before Spring 2016?

A. The Environment Agency will be working on developing a comprehensive project delivery plan, entering into detailed discussions with affected landowners including Marlow Sports Club, and then procuring the required build teams. There is a great deal of investigative work before designs and delivery plans are finalised and the major works commence.


Q. Once the work begins, how long will the construction of the flood defence take?

A. We anticipate for the work to take 1 year.


 Q. Does Marlow Sports Club support the flood alleviation scheme?

A. Yes. It is not just good for the town and our immediate neighbours but for Marlow Sports Club too.

We are keen to work closely with the Environment Agency, District and Town Council and other environment groups to make this flood alleviation scheme – and the following development of our 9.5 acres of undeveloped land to the south and west of our existing site – work for our neighbours and for the Marlow Community.



Q. Will you be knocking down the Old Pavillion as part of your re-development plans?

A. We have made no firm decisions yet on how we will improve club facilities. However, the existing clubhouse was built to cater for a club with fewer sports, membership of only a few hundred, and very few females. We want to develop facilities that cater for wheelchair access, offer better female changing facilities, create function rooms for use by local companies and organisations and provide a more accessible offering for the Marlow community.

The challenge is to create a facility which is more inclusive, but which can gain planning approval


Q. Who will decide on the design of the redevelopment of the clubhouse?

A. A ‘working party’ made up of representatives from Marlow Sports Club’s different sporting groups, will sign-off the design. The designs then have to gain Wycombe District Council planning approval.


Q. With all the sports facilities already in the town and the new Handy Cross facility up the road, does Marlow really need further sports development?

A.We have people knocking at our gate to become members of our existing sports and to establish new sports, so further development is being asked for and will be used. Marlow has been a great source of Olympians and national team members and we want to see that continue to thrive.


Q. Will I have to be a member of Marlow Sports Club to use the proposed facilities?

A. We welcome anyone who would like to join any of the sports clubs based at Pound Lane and we have a social membership section for those who just want to access our clubhouse. Any facility in the existing clubhouse can be booked for private functions and this will continue to be our policy with the redevelopment plans.



Q. How long will lorries be using Pound Lane to access the site?

A. It could be one year, but we are seeking ways to reduce that time and we are almost certain that lorries will not be using Pound Lane on a daily basis.


Q. How are you going to protect us from the weight of traffic?

A. We will work with the contractors to arrange schedules that are sympathetic to our neighbours i.e. lorries will not be using Pound Lane in rush hour periods and there will be no weekend movements.


Q. How will you be managing the wider volume of traffic in Marlow a bigger Clubhouse will inevitably bring?

A. We are looking at traffic management options with Bucks County Council’s Highways Department. We have the fortune of being located very close to the large Court Garden car park, which will absorb the vehicles of many users.


Land Development

Q. Now it is certain the Council and the Environment Agency will be implementing the Flood Alleviation Scheme, does this mean you cannot change any plans you have already made for the development of the land?

A. At this stage we have not firmed up on our plans for the use of the new land. We will be working very closely with the Environment Agency, council and other environment groups to make sure the development of our land fits with the Alleviation Scheme


Q. How will the pollution from new sporting facilities e.g. noise, lights and traffic effect the neighbours of Marlow Sports Club?

A. We are very conscious of how our existing facilities impact on our immediate neighbours and we have that very much at the forefront of our minds as we consider plans for the redevelopment.


Q. The planning departments will not let you get a “Change of Use” ruling. Does this cause you any problems?

AOur goal is to add to the improvement of what Marlow can offer its residents. We will not look to do anything that does not add value to the Marlow Town vision for the future.


Q. Why has there not been a grand plan put together which includes Higginson Park?

A. We understand that Higginson Park is also a charity but is governed quite separately from Marlow Sports Club by Trustees appointed by Wycombe District Council.



Q. How are you going to consult with the community at large?

A. We intend to display our proposals for residents and existing club members to see and give us their views. We will also show them to Marlow Councillors and organisations such as the Marlow Society, the Rotary groups and others. No timings have yet been decided for this.


Q. What happens if the Marlow Town Councillors do not agree to the further development of Green Belt land?

A. We have been in discussion with Councillors for a number of months – they have been very supportive of our proposals as they can see the improvements we are proposing for the community. However, the plans have to be reviewed by the Wycombe District Council planning department and approved by the Planning Committee.


Q. How are you going to keep people informed about what is going on?

A. We will have a dedicated page on our website, which will be kept up to date with the current status of the development, timings and other news.



Q. What will the cost of the Marlow Sports Club redevelopment be?

A. We have anticipated a cost of around £3million for redeveloping the clubhouse and landscaping the land.


Q. How are you going to get the money to complete all the work at Marlow Sports Club – is it too ambitious?

A. We are continually developing our fundraising plan – it envisages a number of sources; a grant income from Sports Associations based on our past success and the attractions of our proposals; major donor support for the pavilion rebuild; ongoing community support;  members,  both existing and new.


Q. Have you enough people in your management team for such a large project?

A. We still have the key people who managed the first two phases of our Development Plan but we will take on board more help from people who share our vision and have expertise to offer. We will also include young people in the project as they are very much the future of the Club.