A new “eco-conscious” pavilion to replace the current building which is “no longer fit for purpose” will be the first step of an overhaul of Marlow Sports Club, if it is given the go-ahead by the council.

Paul Sambrook, chairman of Marlow Sports Club on Lower Pound Lane, says a new £2 million clubhouse will be the “jewel in the crown”, with improved access for disabled visitors, upgraded changing rooms and better energy efficiency.

The current building, which is home to organisations like: Marlow Cricket Club,  Marlow Tennis Club, Marlow Riders, Marlow Striders and Marlow Hockey club, is not suitable for their growing membership, which currently stands at around 2,200 people, according to Mr Sambrook.

He said: “The current clubhouse was built in 1973 and was primarily for men and only a few sports like cricket. What has changed now is that the club has a much greater range of sports and also 800 females and around 1,400 young people who use this facility, including children from Sir William Borlase’s. Really, we need better changing rooms.”

A planning statement submitted alongside the application, said the problems with the clubhouse were obvious.

It said: “It has inadequate changing facilities, poor energy efficiency and health and safety issues, a lounge in need of major refurbishment and which is only accessible via stairs and restricted space and amenities for all of its many users.

“These shortcomings are quite evident to see even from a casual inspection. It is in desperate need of replacement.”

An application has now been submitted for the new glass-fronted clubhouse, with plans drawn up by Marlow-based architect firm Heighway Associates, which will completely replace the old one and have four changing rooms as well as a bar and a café.

Ten new parking spaces will also be added.

Mr Sambrook said the club has worked hard to keep its neighbours informed of their plans and held an open event for the community to view their ideas.

He said: “We are happy with what we have proposed. We work hard to keep our neighbours informed and people have been very positive.

“We have explored outline planning to see if there were any obvious things that would cause a problem. The council have said they could see no problems so that has given us confidence.”

If the new clubhouse is given the go-ahead, it could pave the way for future development on the site.

Mr Sambrook said: “It is exciting. It is the first step of the development. We have another ten acres of land that we bought so we are hoping to use some of that for netball courts or something similar.

“There is also some land we cannot build on, so we are thinking of perhaps creating a nature trail, which would be a great use of the land and something for all of the community.”

A decision is expected to be made by Wycombe District Council in March/April