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 Important Announcement……………..


In December the Club  submitted a Planning Application for a re-build of the Clubhouse.

The rationale:

  1. Our Clubhouse is dated and particularly provides poor changing facilities for our 800 female members. The facilities are also very limited for the many junior members.
  2. It is important that there is a building which caters for wheelchairs and other needs of the disabled.
  3. It will be built on the existing footprint, but configured in a much more appropriate way and be eco-conscious.
  4.  This is consistent with our charitable objective ‘To provide decent sporting and recreational facilities for the people of Marlow‘.

……………………more details to follow.

Marlow Cricket Club Colts finish the Season on a real high!

The Season ended on Sunday for the Colts…………………AND IT WAS VERY SPECIAL!

The Under 9’s played against Beaconsfield in the Under 9s Bucks County Final at Beaconsfield and won.

MCC Under 9's MCC Under 9's Final

and The Under 11’s also won the County Cup in their respective finals yesterday. . This is the 3rd year in a row this age group gave been County Champions.


MCC Under 11's Final   Under 11’s  winning team who beat Chesham on Sunday

This on top of the runners up medals won by The  Under 15’s earlier in the year in their county competition and the League winning exploits of  The Under 12’s!

England Women are Olympic Champions!!!

Alex Danson Alex Danson in action

England win after another shootout with Holland!

Marlow’s sporting community gather for annual bash on bumper sporting weekend

MSC Ball 2015

L to R: Paul Sambrook, Club Chairman, Jocelyn Towns Deputy Mayor, Bob Johnson, Mayor, and Roger Dye, Trustee.

Sport was the watchword in Marlow during the “The Longest Day” weekend, as the sporting community gathered for their annual ball in the eve of a top cycling race through the town.

Marlow Sports Club held its third annual Summer Ball in a marquee on its Pound Lane grounds, which were saved from the clutches of developers in 2011.

Saturday’s Spanish-themed event saw members raise over £10,000 towards taking on more land at the riverside site, where over 2000 people regularly play a number of different sports.

And long-term club committee Graham Sweet, who was at the ball, had the honour of waving the flag to start the Aviva Women’s Tour, which set off from Marlow on Sunday.

Marlow Town Mayor Bob Johnson and deputy Mayor Jocelyn Towns were two of the dignitaries at the glitzy ball on the eve of the race.

Cllr Johnson, who has chosen the sports club as one of his nominated charities for the coming year, said: “The growth of the Sports Club is a phenomenal story over the last few years and I am delighted to name them as one of my chosen charities during my term as Mayor.”

Four years ago, Marlow Sports Club secured its land for the future when it was under threat of being sold for development.

The committee and members have since raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to help repay the purchase loan and to take on more land, with the club now boasting more than 20 acres in the heart of the town.

Membership is now well over 2,000 across all age groups, including 800 females and 1,400 youngsters.

Sports represented include cricket, tennis, hockey, running , cycling, junior football and softball, and the club also has a strong association with Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School.

Paul Sambrook added……………..“Tonight was a celebration of the successful journey the Club has enjoyed over the last 4 years…..

from back in early 2011 when it was very uncertain the Club would be able to stay on their current Site of just over 5 acres, to

today where we now own 20 acres. Tonight, we were recognising a Proud Past and an exciting Future!”



Marlow Rowing Club set for October official opening

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

The end is in sight for the construction of Marlow Rowing Club as boats are due to dock at the new ‘Watersports Hub’ in September following the completion of the boat store. The rest of the building including a gym, changing rooms, meeting rooms and a first aid room are set to be complete by mid-October. The club received a £1m grant from Sport England after a fire destroyed the former club house in 2011 and other sports cubs including Longridge Canoe Club and Marlow Canoe Club, will make use of the new building. Design and procurement coordinator David Plaskitt said: “It has been a bit of a strain at times because we have been operating the club from different locations. Briefs Calvin Klein “But everyone understands the situation we are in and we’re delighted to have this brand new facility. Cheap Tommy Hilfiger Underwear For the full story, head over to the Maidenhead Advertiser and follow @MarlowSportsC on twitter for the latest news and...

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Shark attack survivor turned medal winning Paralympian

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 | Category: News

With a new week comes the discovery of a new, inspirational story… South African lifeguard Achmat Hassiem lost a leg in a shark attack off the coast of Cape Town. He went on to become a medal-winning Paralympian and a marine conservationist advocating the protection of endangered sharks. “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a shark with its jaws dislocated. It’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen. And it’s charging at you.” Hassiem grew up beside the ocean, learning, as he puts it, “to love and respect it with every tumbling wave”. From the roof of the family house he would watch sharks breaching the surface as they hunted seals in False Bay. Seeing “something of that size and weight launch itself out of the water is absolutely incredible”, he says. “It’s wildlife in its purest form.” But Hassiem never imagined he would survive an attack by one of these powerful ocean hunters – and save his brother from death or injury in the process. In August 2006 the two siblings were taking part in an exercise with the local lifeguard. Playing the role of distressed swimmers, Hassiem was nearest to shore, with his brother another 15m (50ft) towards the horizon. As the lifeguards launched their dinghy into the water, Hassiem looked out to sea. “I’m staring into the ocean and something catches the corner of my eye, moving towards my brother. I saw this triangle becoming bigger and bigger and bigger,” he says. Anxious to identify this “massive triangle”, Hassiem peered below the surface. “That’s when I saw a 4.7m (16ft) great white shark attached to this dorsal fin. I couldn’t believe how big this thing was.” Hassiem knew the shark would dive before launching an attack from below. Fearing he could be about to witness the shark breach with his brother in its jaws, his first thought was to distract the animal’s attention. “Immediately I started drumming on top of the water, trying to make a massive splash. “My brother was playing the role of an unconscious patient, so he was just lying in the water with his face down. “Luckily sharks tend to move towards sounds, and I saw this massive fin turn away from my brother.” But as it changed course, the shark also dived. And as the lifeguards plucked Hassiem’s brother out of the ocean, the great white targeted a fresh prey. “It swam right in front of me,” says Hassiem. “It was so close I could move the shark past me with my hands actually touching its body. “That’s when absolute chaos came into play. I’m screaming, the guys on the [dinghy] catch a glimpse of what is happening, and absolute terror hits the skies. Calvin Klein Womens Underwear Set “The next thing I know the shark opens its mouth and you see those massive jaws.” For a moment Hassiem hoped he might somehow be able to throw his leg over the animal and get on to its back, and that “the shark would just give me a lift to the shoreline, drop me off, and that would be our parting”. Mens Calvin Klein Underwear Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work out that way. “My leg didn’t want to come forward and I couldn’t understand why,” he explains. “That’s when I saw that half...

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Marlow CC Colts registration

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 | Category: Marlow Cricket Club

Marlow Cricket Club will be holding their Colts registration – for all ages – on Friday evening (24.04.2015) at 18:00. Cheap Tommy Hilfiger Underwear The club will register all colts for the season, which will be followed by a coaching session for all. Calvin Klein Thong Sale The Marlow Sports Club bar will be open and attendees can also enjoy a BBQ on the evening. Buy Cheap Calvin Klein Underwear This year, Marlow Cricket Club are looking to start a women and girls section, who will train on a Sunday morning from 10:00-12:00 and would love all wives, girlfriends, mums, daughters and friends to go along to the Friday session to have-a-go at playing...

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Doris is coming to Marlow

Thursday, August 20th, 2015 | Category: News

On Saturday 24th January, the Coxless Crew – who will be rowing the Pacific Ocean from America to Australia in a world first expedition – are bringing their boat Doris to Marlow and invite you to come and meet her. The crew and Doris will be based in Higginson Park between 10am and 4pm and will be taking lucky prize winners for a row as well as introducing as many people to her as possible. Calvin Klein Womens Bikini Ambassador Naomi Riches, British adaptive rower and Paralympic champion will also be attending alongside fellow Olympic champion Heather Stanning. Cheap Calvin Klein Swim Shorts It will be Doris’ final public outing before she is packed up and shipped out to the US so don’t miss out on your chance to meet her and the crew. Cheap Calvin Klein Briefs This mammoth expedition will be a world first and will see the ladies travel 8,446 miles from America to Australia. In the process, they will raise a quarter of a million pounds for their two charities Walking With the Wounded and Breast Cancer Care. Whether a wounded servicewoman or a survivor of breast cancer, both charities’ primary focus is to generate awareness of women who face extreme adversity and to raise funds to support their journey towards long-term health and well-being. By completing this challenge the team wish to inspire others to reach for their own potential and to meet the challenges that life throws at them, however big or small, “We will all have to face our own Pacific Ocean at some point in our...

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Guardian’s favourite sporting things this week

Sunday, August 16th, 2015 | Category: News, Uncategorized

The Guardian’s favourite sporting things online this week… Iain Macintosh interviews Brian Glanville Not many football writers dictate their match reports to their grandsons, but Brian Glanville is unlike any other journalist in the business. Calvin Klein Underwear Sale He has been covering the game for 66 years, doesn’t bother with Twitter and can remember the days when he travelled to England matches with Sir Alf Ramsey and his players. In this interview on the setpieces website – a new venture from Iain Macintosh – Glanville recounts a story from the 1954 World Cup, explains why Bobby Robson was a “grotesquely over-rated manager” and calls Ramsey a “very strange man”. Glanville has always been worth reading and his unwillingness to push advice upon young writers is typical of his quest for independent thought: When young people ask for your advice on becoming a football writer, what can you tell them? Very, very little. I’m 83 years old and I started off at the age of 17 and things have changed so absolutely radically, not least in the last few years. My experiences are simply irrelevant. It’s very difficult now to get in. Everything is changing, papers are shutting down. There are simply fewer papers there to work on. The internet is becoming more powerful. My advice is irrelevant, futile and useless. A racer who is far ahead of the curve Rashid al-Dhaheri could be the future of Formula One. Over the last few years he has been winning competitions, picking up sponsors and testing himself against the best young drivers in the world. Versace Mens Underwear Sale He is only six years old. “He doesn’t care about any of the bigger-picture stuff,” said his dad in this profile in the New York Times. “He’s just a kid who likes to drive.” Good luck to him. Is computer gaming really sport? Carlos Rodriguez is in his early 20s. He earns upwards of £1m a year for playing in front of huge crowds for a team that competes in a regional league. Calvin Klein Underwear Discount He trains diligently, studying strategy, technique and spends up to 14 hours a day planning how he can outmanoeuvre the opposition in his chosen discipline. His reflexes are highly tuned and he can excel under tremendous pressure. Emporio Armani Underwear He plays esports. Is he a sportsman? The BBC have the...

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Final stage of major summer cycle tour will ‘engulf’ Marlow

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015 | Category: News

A major sporting event will engulf Marlow this summer as the final stage of a cycling tour sets off from the town and snakes its way through the Chilterns. Buy Emporio Armani Underwear The second edition of the Friends Life Women’s Tour will conclude this June with a stage through the Chiltern Hills between Marlow and Hemel Hempstead on Sunday, June 21. Calvin Klein Bikini Sale Last year’s Women’s Tour featured stars including London 2012 medallist Lizzie Armitstead, and was won by Dutch rider Marianne Vos. It will mark the first occasion that the tour has visited the area, and build on the successful hosting of a stage six of the men’s Tour of Britain in September. The spectacle was delivered in partnership with by Buckinghamshire County Council, Wycombe District Council, Chiltern District Council, LEAP and Dacorum Borough Council in Hemel Hempstead. Martin Tett, leader of BCC, said: “We’re really excited to be hosting the final stage of the Friends Life Women’s Tour cycling event. Calvin Klein Underwear Outlet The day is going to be a fantastic opportunity for people to see the world’s top cyclists go head to head against the stunning backdrop of the Chiltern Hills. “This event will be a fun day out for all ages. Calvin Klein Womens Briefs I hope both residents and visitors will join us to make Buckinghamshire’s leg of the cycling tour a huge success.” Race organisers describe the new route – which will be confirmed in detail in the spring – as “testing and...

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Sports: What motivates athletes?

Saturday, August 8th, 2015 | Category: News, Sports Club, Uncategorized

Motivation is the foundation of all sport. To achieve goals you must be motivated to do what it takes to maximise your ability. If one of the things your struggle with is to keep up your motivation, then this blog post by Jim Taylor on Psychology Today– although a little lengthy – is well worth a read. * Motivation, simply defined, is the ability to initiate and persist at a task. To perform your best, you must want to begin the process of developing as an athlete and you must be willing to maintain your efforts until you have achieved your goals. Motivation in sports is so important because you must be willing to work hard in the face of fatigue, boredom, pain, and the desire to do other things. Motivation will impact everything that influences your sports performance: physical conditioning, technical and tactical training, mental preparation, and general lifestyle including sleep, diet, school or work, and relationships. Calvin Klein Boxer Trunks The reason motivation is so important is that it is the only contributor to sports performance over which you have control. My There are three things that affect how well you perform. First, your ability, which includes your physical, technical, tactical, and mental capabilities. Because ability is something you are born with, you can’t change your ability so it is outside of your control. Second, the difficulty of the competition influences performance. Contributors to difficulty include the ability of the opponent and external factors such as an “away game” crowd and weather such as temperature, wind, and sun. You have no control over these factors. Finally, motivation will impact performance. It is also the only factor over which you have control. Motivation will directly impact the level of success that you ultimately achieve. If you are highly motivated to improve your performances, then you will put in the time and effort necessary to raise your game. Motivation will also influence the level of performance when you begin a competition. If they’re competing against someone of nearly equal skill, it will not be ability that will determine the outcome. Rather, it will be the athlete who works the hardest, who doesn’t give up, and who performs their best when it counts. In other words, the athlete who is most motivated to win. The Grind In training and competitions, you arrive at a point at which it is no longer fun. I call this the Grind, which starts when it gets tiring, painful, and tedious. Calvin Klein Womens Underwear Set the Grind is also the point at which it really counts. The Grind is what separates successful athletes from those who don’t achieve their goals. Many athletes when they reach this point either ease up or give up because it’s just too darned hard. Mens Calvin Klein Underwear But truly motivated athletes reach the Grind and keep on going. Many sport psychologists will say that you have to love the Grind. Emporio Armani Mens Underwear UK I say that, except for a very few hyper-motivated athletes, love isn’t in the cards because there’s not much to love. But how you respond to the Grind lies along a continuum. As I just mentioned, loving the Grind is rare. At the other end of the continuum is “I hate the Grind.”...

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Can you imagine what it’s like to be a teenage pro cyclist? The Telegraph finds out…

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 | Category: Marlow Riders, Sports Club

Article by Mark Bailey, The Telegraph Thanks to the national cycling revolution and the success of riders like Sir Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome and Mark Cavendish, it is now possible for young British bike riders to dare to dream big. Tao Geoghegan-Hart, a 19-year-old cyclist from Hackney, is one of the talented new breed chasing the fantasy coveted by every Strava-obsessed commuter: to make a living as a successful pro cyclist. After securing an attention-grabbing 3rd place finish in the prestigious Junior Paris-Roubaix race in 2013, Geoghegan-Hart made the transition to the senior ranks last year with the American-based Bissell Development Team. In his debut season he finished 15th in the senior Tour of Britain – just 90 seconds behind Sir Bradley Wiggins – and also came third in the Under-23 version of Liege-Bastogne-Liege and 10th in the Tour de l’Avenir (regarded as the junior version of the Tour de France). Ahead of his second season in the senior ranks, Geoghegan-Hart talks to Telegraph Men about the joys, pains and surprises of life as a teenage pro cyclist. Amateur cyclists must think you’re living the dream by chasing a career as a professional cyclist. Is it more daunting than it seems? “It isn’t necessarily ‘the dream’ but it is undoubtedly my dream. Without a doubt, I love it. There are many days when it’s tough, daunting and crazy but it’s all a part of that dream and I love it.” You’re only 19 years old. What do your friends at university think of your career? “I’m the first to admit I can be a terrible friend to them because I am home a maximum of one month a year, and those visits are sporadic at best. Calvin Klein Underwear Wholesale Plus I’m reluctant to go out other than on the odd occasion in October which is our ‘off-season.’ But they all support me and have got more and more involved in following races as my short career so far has developed. “It’s nice because the bigger the races you do, the easier it gets for people to follow you. My grandmas, best mates, parents and siblings are my biggest supporters, along with my amazing and incredibly talented girlfriend.” What is the most surprising thing you have discovered so far about racing and training with the pros? “The guys who try the most don’t always go fastest come race day. Buy Emporio Armani Underwear It is just as easy to do too much as too little in this game. It’s all about correct application and timing.” Have you noticed the step up in standards after moving from the juniors to the seniors? “Of course, there is a huge step up. Races go from a maximum of 130 kilometres (in the juniors) to over 230 kilometres in the seniors. Not to mention the standard of the racing itself – you go from competing within a two-year age bracket to facing the absolute best riders in the world. “On the start line at the 2014 Tour of Britain, there was Mark Cavendish, a former World Champion, as well as Sir Bradley Wiggins and Michael Kwiatkowski who a few weeks later were crowned World Time Trial Champion and World Road Race Champion respectively. You don’t come across much tougher competition than that.” Do...

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Marlow Sports Club Mid Summer Ball

Friday, May 1st, 2015 | Category: News

Do you fancy a night of Sangria, tapas and flamenco dancing? Of course you do! On Saturday 20 June, Marlow Sports Club will be holding their annual mid summer ball, Spanish style! Tickets include a sangria on arrival, accompanied by an authentic tapas, whilst Tomas – the flamenco guitarist transports you across the Mediterranean. Once seated, you’ll enjoy a Paella, flat bread and green salad followed by a delicious dessert of Jerez cream with raspberries and guiles biscuits or chocolate, chestnut and almond cake. Spanish dancers will entertain you and as the meal draws to an end, it will be your turn to bid on a live auction full of fabulous prizes, before dancing the night away to the tunes of the...

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Marlow Tennis Club supports country-wide sport initiative

Thursday, April 16th, 2015 | Category: Marlow Tennis Club, News

Marlow Tennis Club are to support a country-wide initiative to increase sporting participation amongst 17-25 year olds. According to the Active People Survey – developed by Sport England – only 15.6% of people in England play sport for 30 minutes each week. In a bid to encourage more young people into sport, Marlow Tennis Club are launching a 7 week coaching plan for novice 16-25 year olds, starting Thursday 30 April. The course – on Thursday evenings, 18:30-19:30 at Marlow Sports Club, Pound Lane – is ideal for local secondary school students and teachers, though all applications are welcome. The entire course will cost £59 and includes Marlow Tennis Club ‘Junior’ membership, which allows free play for a year. Participants must attend 6/7 sessions. Places are limited. For an application form email...

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