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Guardian’s favourite sporting things this week

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The Guardian’s favourite sporting things online this week… Iain Macintosh interviews Brian Glanville Not many football writers dictate their match reports to their grandsons, but Brian Glanville is unlike any other journalist in the business. Calvin Klein Underwear Sale He has been covering the game for 66 years, doesn’t bother with Twitter and can remember the days when he travelled to England matches with Sir Alf Ramsey and his players. In this interview on the setpieces website – a new venture from Iain Macintosh – Glanville recounts a story from the 1954 World Cup, explains why Bobby Robson was a “grotesquely over-rated manager” and calls Ramsey a “very strange man”. Glanville has always been worth reading and his unwillingness to push advice upon young writers is typical of his quest for independent thought: When young people ask for your advice on becoming a football writer, what can you tell them? Very, very little. I’m 83 years old and I started off at the age of 17 and things have changed so absolutely radically, not least in the last few years. My experiences are simply irrelevant. It’s very difficult now to get in. Everything is changing, papers are shutting down. There are simply fewer papers there to work on. The internet is becoming more powerful. My advice is irrelevant, futile and useless. A racer who is far ahead of the curve Rashid al-Dhaheri could be the future of Formula One. Over the last few years he has been winning competitions, picking up sponsors and testing himself against the best young drivers in the world. Versace Mens Underwear Sale He is only six years old. “He doesn’t care about any of the bigger-picture stuff,” said his dad in this profile in the New York Times. “He’s just a kid who likes to drive.” Good luck to him. Is computer gaming really sport? Carlos Rodriguez is in his early 20s. He earns upwards of £1m a year for playing in front of huge crowds for a team that competes in a regional league. Calvin Klein Underwear Discount He trains diligently, studying strategy, technique and spends up to 14 hours a day planning how he can outmanoeuvre the opposition in his chosen discipline. His reflexes are highly tuned and he can excel under tremendous pressure. Emporio Armani Underwear He plays esports. Is he a sportsman? The BBC have the answer.