Marlow Sports Club Oktoberfest 28th Sept 2019


Join us on the 28th September for Oktoberfest

What is it?

This will be the first event of its kind at MSC. It will be a much reduced version of the big Oktoberfests that are held in Germany but will feature all the key elements of an Oompah band (providing music and games), traditional food and a well-stocked bar. The main event will be held in a large heated marquee with the bar being in the Old Pavilion.


Who should attend?

This event is intended for adults and generally not suitable for under-18s.


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Why are we doing it?

Our first aim is to provide a fun evening for all attendees that enhances the social offering of MSC and if we can make a big success of this year’s event we will hold other, probably bigger, events in future years.
Our second very important aim is raise funds for the further development of MSC and this means better club facilities.


What will happen on the evening?

We will open at 7.30pm and the Oompah band will start its first session at around 8.15pm,
Following this there will be a three courses buffet style meal at trestle tables as is traditional at Oktoberfests. The menu will comprise: pretzels and dips, followed by a hot offering of traditional Oktoberfest food (ie sausages, pork, choucroute, potatoes, dumplings etc) and finally there will be a desert of Apple Struedel.
After the meal the band will play a second session and will include traditional Oktoberfest music as well as some more popular numbers. Dancing will be encouraged!



There will be very limited parking on site so you are encouraged to use the local car parks.

Dress Code

The traditional dress code for Oktoberfest is Lederhosen for men and Dirndl for women. Otherwise please dress as you wish.